Project Plan

Description Homework Date Given
Date Completed
Discovery Phase

Sales Review / Welcome Call We will cover the products you purchased as well as have an introduction to find out more about you and your association.
Orientation Call We will be introducing you into the product, training, and the overall process of implementation.
Design Call We will be reviewing your Design Document together to make sure that all parties involved have the same expectations.

Feature List Review

The purpose of this feature List is to go through the features on the YM site that you currently already use on your existing site.


Member Type  & Membership Review.

Review the following videos to see how the member structure works within YM.

Member Type Config 1

Member Type Config 2



Config Call

We will be going over what a membership, member type, and custom fields are and how they will relate into your system. Documents will be sent to be completed.

Config Review Call This call will go over the configuration that was set up on your site to ensure everything is set up correctly.

Description Homework Date Given
Date Completed
Training Phase

Intro to YM -Know the Menu Structure of the Administrative back end.
-Have a command of what information is outlined in the various tiles on the Dashboard page.
-Know How to access and utilize the YM Help Center & Support Portal.
Watch welcome video and then login to the back end of your site and update your password.

Database Basics Tasks -How to get to and apply criteria within the Quick Create, Basic Search, and Directory Search.
-Understand what actions can be performed from the Directory search results page after a search is run.
-Understand the Member Profile Layout and Available Features.
Register two members from the front end of the website using the training provided.

Social Link

-Knowledge of "Administrative settings"
-Knowledge of Member Type Settings for Social Link
-Understanding Style and theme

-Understanding of "SocialLink Ambassadors"

-Knowledge of the social Link analytics.

Completed Social link configuration and adjust member type settings. Click here for member type settings.        
Event Basics -Understand that registering for a paid event is a two-step process – completing the event registration form and then submitting payment/checkout.
-Know how to create an event registration form and event ticket in the
appropriate event.
Create an upcoming event with the training provided. Register one or more test members you created for the Event.

Event Advanced -Understand that, on an event registration form, to use the available predefined fields so that those values auto populate for your members when they are signed in to their profile during event registration.
-Have command of how to process an event registration.
-Understanding of how sessions work.
Create a custom event registration form and add sessions to the event above.

Content -Have an understanding of when and how to utilize the Resource Manager and File Library features of the platform.
-Know what a custom page vs a content area is within the YM system.
-Know how to add top level and sub level menu items as well as link those menu items to webpages.
Create a Custom Page utilizing the training provided to you and link that Custom Page to your menu.

Email & Messaging -Know where to navigate to create custom email templates.
-Understand that you must perform a search prior to triggering a bulk email to the results list, i.e. you are defining the recipient list prior to creating and sending the email.
-Have a command of where to edit the content of Automatic email Notifications.
-Know where to go to view email stats on sent emails.
Create and send out a bulk email to the sample members that you created earlier.

Groups -Have a command on how to create a Group Type and an Individual Group.
-Know how to designate a member as a Group Administrator.
-Have a command on the various ways to add members to Groups.
Create a Group Type and a Group and assign a member that you created to that group as a group administrator.

Reporting -Knowledge of how to access and run a saved query.
-Have an understanding of the reasons to utilize a predefined export option vs building a custom query.
-Knowledge of how to build a basic custom query.
Create a custom query using any real life criteria that you would normally use.

Ecommerce -Have a command of navigation path and steps required to add GL Codes & QuickBooks Class information to the system, and how to assign those.
-Have a command of the methods of recording/processing payments.
-Knowledge of where and how to export accounting information from the system.
Create two Dues invoices for your sample members that you created above.


Master/Sub-Accounts -Know what it means within the YM system to establish the relationship between a master & sub-account.
-Know that you must establish the link between master account and sub-account Member types within the master account Member type.
-Have an understanding that there must be additional seats allotted within the Member Profile to enable master account capability.

Professional Development -Knowledge of where to review Professional Development information within the member profile on the front-end and back-end of the site.
-Know where to navigate and configure aspects of the Professional Development feature such as Credit Type(s) and Certification/Program(s).
-Understand what feature areas can be assigned credits for professional
development and the steps required to assign credits to these features. 

Launch Preparation

Real-Time Processor Setup Choose a payment processor (listed here) so that you can accept real-time payments through your YM site.
Sign up for a payment processor, and complete the integration on the backend of your YM site.

Data Import Prepare your member data for import into your YM site.
Use the Member Import Template (provided by YM) to import your data in the YM format.

Front End Beta Tested / Pre-Launch Checklist
The pre-launch check list is a tool provided by your Implementation Manager that will help you to cover all of the bases when it comes to preparing your site for launch.
Complete pre-launch checklist.

Website Announcement Preparation / Welcome E-mail
This announcement lets your members know of your new site and provides them with instructions on how to login to the site and reset their password. An example can be found here.
Create Welcome E-mail template to send to members when the site is launched.

DNS Changes This step will be to make your YM site live by switching your DNS to point to your YM site.
-Add a CNAME or alias record to your DNS zone so that www. [domain].org points to
-Point the root A Record ‘@’ to the IP address so that the site works without the WWW in the address bar.  
-Create or modify your SPF (TXT) record as: “v=spf1 mx include:  ~all” (without the quotation marks) or edit the existing record and add “include:” (without the quotes).


All Training material can be located by clicking here

-How to get to and apply criteria within the Quick Create, Basic Search, and Directory Search.
-Understand what actions can be performed from the Directory search results page after a search is run.
-Understand the Member Profile Layout and Available Features.
Target Launch Date All Training material can be located here:

Target Launch Date:                                                       mm/dd/yy